Customer Support (Service Cloud)

Salesforce Inc. continues to innovate and deliver excellent, business-centric applications to keep up with the ever-evolving business needs. By the end of 2017, CRM has overtaken DBMS as the largest of the software markets, with businesses using cloud-based CRM rising to 87% in 2018 from just 12% in 2008.


Service Cloud is a cloud-based, self-service Customer Service & Help Desk Software Service that enables faster issue resolution and reduced case volume. The platform brings self-help features such as Knowledge Base, Live Chat, Email, and Phone Support - all-inclusive over a customized brand platform facilities better customer experience.


Effective Case Management

  • Centralized Case Management across source (email, web or call center)
  • Service Console – Unified View of Customers and Cases
  • Consolidated View of Customer Data
  • Access to Agents’ Customer History
  • Mobile Support

Service Process and Automation

  • Automatic Case Assignment for Agents and Task Routing for Support Team
  • Workflow Creation for Support Processes
  • Automated Escalation and Exception Handling Rules to Improve Resolution SLAs

Self Service Portal

  • Empower Customers to Manage Cases and View Case Histories
  • Access to Knowledge Articles and Help Faster Resolution

Knowledge Repository

  • Access to Knowledge Articles (key topics, FAQs, troubleshooting guides, etc.) to Aid Faster Case Resolution
  • Create Knowledge Articles to Drive Quicker Resolution of Similar Cases

Customer Support (Service Cloud)

  • Effective Case Management
  • Service Process and Automation
  • Self Service Portal
  • Knowledge Repository
  • Effective Case Management

  • Service Process and Automation

  • Self Service Portal

  • Knowledge Repository

How can we help?

Prudent Technologies & Consulting Inc have certified and trained Service Cloud consultants who can share best practices to maximize agent productivity, faster first contact resolution, less escalations, increase customer satisfaction and in the process drive positive results for customer retention which results in creating upsell and cross-sell opportunities. 

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